One day 4 admins sat down together and decided to make FAB!! It started with Nikki,AJ,David, and Chaos. We were all Admins at the time and played with a lot of regular members who liked us as well as the server. We held an admin meeting one day and started the planning of what soon would become FAB. Once we knew what we were going to do we spoke to Luke and told him we would be making a VIP clan and asked if we could use his server as our home. Luke painfully said ok      : )


Then one day Chaos went along and got a little power hungry and decided to leave fab beacuse he was not promoted, and stated he would never play again. Then Nikki, AJ, And David were left to manage the FAB clan.Then our dear friend AJ Decided to leave the clan for his own reasons and handed off his responsibility back to Me and David. David then took a brief time off and I was in full charge of the FAB clan.

No we have our own server called the Fab Clan and Luke is no more.


Since then Nikki with the help of Outkast and all the other admins have taken over the FAB clan and made it all it is today. But I must admit with out all you FABS I would of never started the clan. Your love for FAB makes me want to just keep FAB open forever and keep all you Bros and Sisters as my loyal FAB friends :)



My FAB History:

This begins like this, one day i was in my house, when a neighbor came to me saying me this: Let's test this new pc game that i got"
I asked him: what's this game about?. He answered: It's about SWAT operations!!. I said: Really??...OMG!!!...let's do it!!!

My dream was always to be part of the force, but here in Honduras, isn't so good like in other countries, we have some military groups, but the trainning part isn't with the intention to help, it's more like a torture.

The group that i always liked are the COBRA, is a special military group like SWAT; well, the thing is that after i played the game the 1st time, i was like WOW!!, at this moment i didn't have internet connection, but when i got it, i started playing SWAT online in many servers, i realized that there were a lot of servers with different name.

My first server that i got in was SpIR, i asked about what does that means, they answered me that TAGs are clan identifications, well they told me all about the clans, playing game mode and rules, well, i started playing with them, then i asked if i can join them, they acepted me, well, i start been a SpIR member, but i realized that they insult players and i didn't like it, and they camps too. Well, one day, i connect to play with them, but they was in a war, i tried to join but they kicked me i asked why they did it and why they didn't send me a war invitation, they said: well, officially, you aren't part of SpIR, when they told me that, i decided to left them

Then i try WNM (Worst Nightmare Clan), but my ping was very high, always was kicked for high ping, so, i decide to left them too.

Then i start playing in the other mode games: Rapid Deployment: I liked very much; Cooperative: Boring; VIP Mode: i loved it!!, the first time i was totally a noob, i was terrorist, i shot him, then they explained me that i couldn't kill the white man, i start asking about the rules of the game until finally i got the idea of this game mode, then i join again the vip server, but not FAB, and sudenly i was the VIP, i said: hey, where are my weapons??, they told me that while i'm the vip, my other weapons disappear and that i would have to do is run for my life!,  was very funny, i didn't know where was the exit point , and after that i start testing any vip servers until i found FAB, after a while, a ex-member (ThePope), asked me if i want to join you, i said: ok, he told me all the steps, and then i met Nikki, Outkast and Mez, i don't remember who gave me the TAGs, then i checked FAB website and i saw the lot of ranks, i was dreamming to be a high ranked player, and never never could imagine that i was gonna be more than a high ranked player, i never thought i was become Admin, such less, WebAdmin or SuperAdmin.

All what i can say is: Thank you very much to all of you guys for accepting me, and i really love to be part of FAB, with the time i realized that we are the server No.1 in whole SWAT. I don't have intention to leave only if you ask me to do it. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!


When I first started playing Swat, I started doing the “missions”. I first did it on normal, then I made my attempt at hard then moving on to difficult. I loved it but it did get a bit boring. So I tried out multiplayer. I haven’t heard about Swat being a huge game so I didn’t expect the amount of servers running at the time. I found one that seemed quite ok. It was a barricaded server and I played there for an hour, getting used to the type of mode play.I played there for about a week or so and after that one disappeared for a while I searched for a new server.

I accidently clicked a VIP Server. The map was courthouse brewer. Not that I knew this map. I only knew Foodwall and A-Bomb J I was on swat team and after reading the little dialogue I thought I knew what I was doing. We spawned in the garage and we all protected the VIP. Then a whole load of suspects came and killed us but captured the VIP. Each round after we spawned we would step out of our spawn site and be shot to death. Wasn’t very fun but I persisted to get a glimpse of what this game was about. Suspects won that round.



The next round I was VIP. Although I did not know it LOL. I was wondering why I did not have my primary gun, or all my cool accessories. I made it to the floor above the garage and was taken hostage. I realised I was the VIP when I didn’t spawn after being arrested. Ha Ha! My team freed me but then a suspect accidently shot me


The next time I played I could not remember the server I was on. So I searched around for VIP servers. I tried many but kept getting kicked of my high ping; or they did not speak English. I found FABREEEZE! And I was a suspect this time. I had loads of fun, and learning much newer things. We were a team and it was heaps more fun than barricaded.




Each time I played I played on FAB server, and I met a lot of people who also played in my time zone. One person being Lily. After a few weeks of playing there Lily applied to become a FAB member and got accepted. Even though not many FAB’s played on our time zone, everyone wanted to have a good time and played enthusiastically. It was also the time when Dave (Kangol) started playing. He was 12 hours behind me, and often he was playing in the early hours of the morning. He taught me a thing or two about handling a spray and also just watching him play was amazing. After another week or two I visited FAB site and went to apply. Dave asked me to put his name on recommendation. I played with great joy wanting to become a FAB member. After half a week I was told to try and play when Nikki was on so she could see my progress. It was Saturday midday and I was accepted into FAB. A fair few of other FAB’s were playing also and were congratulating me XD




Although, still not knowing or having met many of the other FAB members because of time zone restraints I visited the forum and was determined to set that right. =] I was given the password to the FAB member place and I read all of Fios’s (victor’s) About Me thread. I learnt a lot about the other members and I added mine to the end.




A week or two after I was accepted I was given a backdoor password. It felt really good being able to play in my clan’s server even when it was full! It was also about the time I met Jared. He came onto the server when he was free but mainly he was a webadmin


He was pretty awesome and I had the pleasure of adding him on msn. Realising he lived in Australia I found that to be pretty cool, as many of the players I talked to didn’t live anywhere near Australia. Although he couldn’t make it on a lot of the time due to work He was a great admin kicking out the trouble makers (team tazers and window shooters).




It was then I decided to create a new thread and started the Pictures of Members thread. I started off with a few of mine and very soon all the members were getting motivated to put theirs in. And it kicked off the picture album on the main page. It was great being able to put faces to words!




In the coming weeks we started to get more annoying people. Door blockers, Team tazers, team shooters, and the whole shizbang! Not an awful lot we do but we toughed it out. It was about then, that Dave (kangol) became admin. He was surprised, I was surprised and we were both ultra happy. We had talked a lot and played together heaps and now that he was admin, he was able to take care of all the trouble makers! It wasn’t too long after that I got a raise in my ranks and I became PVT. I was happy; I felt that I must be doing something right for the clan if I was to move up a rank.




It was about this time that I had my first encounter with David. He was on webadmin and I didn’t realise that Dave and David were not the one and the same person. Anyway he was another extremely nice guy and tough on the rule breakers. Told me to start reporting these guys more as there is usually webadmin around. He came on more frequently and I started to get to know him more and it was great.




A short while after, I was given an SCL promotion. It was great! I was becoming together into the “clump” of the clan and where the majority of players were.




An hour or two after that I was told I was being considered an admin. I was surprised. I thought admins were for the super people like Dave (XD). I realised they were being serious and I was overwhelmed by the news. I tested out all my new privileges and played heaps that day! It was also when Nikki said I should receive another promotion to COR. I changed my name to COL accidently. I played for a while with that rank until rob (Outkast) was all like WTF (but in a good way!!! ) He knew I made a mistake and pointed out the fact that I skipped a few more than a couple ranks LOL. And that set a new beginning to the friendship with rob. I talked to him on msn and learned the “inside secrets” for the admins and also gave me heaps of tips and tricks, not to mention the laughs I had.




I was new at being an admin but I wanted to be a fair and non judgemental one. I played lots and tried to help new members and players out, as I knew; I once was in their position. We gradually got more members and as time went by I moved up the ranks. For a while it was Captain Dave, but now it was Captain Mez. As school started I was not able to play as much but I received webadmin. It was fantastic, able to admin not in game. I was able to help out when I could although it did get a bit tiring saying “Its Mez” when someone asked who ADMIN1 was :p After another week or two I became known as Mez in webadmin and my life changed forever (no not really lol).




I participated in clan events (although I couldn’t in many wars as they were all at like 5 am or some bad time like that). I remained a great part of FAB and was rewarded with becoming an ELITE member. More members joining I soon realised how prestigious that rank was and also the greatness of the other members around me. It is a great community and one that I will enjoy and remember forever.












Hey ya all bros and sis...
I started playing swat months ago and immediately I discovered the possibility to play on internet through servers... I discovered also VIP mode, that make me astonished immediately and after having played on several servers not on vip mode, I tried FABREEZE_SWAT4... I didnt know hw this server could be and also I didnt know about rules (I was new on fabreeze but also I didnt know well swat 4....).
First time on FAB server I remember I was sus and arrested the vip and after that I killed him without waitin' for 2 mins AHAHAHA I was just a noob... suddenly I saw I was not on server yet.... after I understood that somebody had kicked me ihihihihih
I understood that I did something wrong so, at first, I read VIP mode's procedure and after that I searched "Fabreeze" on Google...
I discovered that FAB is a severe server and I learnt all rules during a long night...
I was completely astonished reading and lookin' at FAB's site above all about messages box... on it, all FAB members called each other BRO, SIS, they ask ourselves "How are u brother?", "welcome back on server my bro..."....
In that moment I understood that Fabreeze was more than a common server and that players were different...
FAB players seemed to me real brothers, friends at all.
I decided to try.
I came on server the days after and my ideas were confirmed!!! MY LOVE FOR FAB WAS BORN!!!
After that day for me SWAT 4 and FAB server became for me like drugs...
Now that I play on Fabreeze as a FAB FAMILY's member my emotions r the same I felt first time, that night I saw the site, read the members words....
After months together I can say absolutely that I was right!!!
FAB is really a FAMILY!!! we, FAB members, r really brothers!!!
We r from every place of the hole world, we have different religion, culture, language, traditions, way of thinking but WE R FRIENDS
FAB is a philosophy, FAB is a voyage around the world, FAB IS LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!
Thx all for attention, sry for yr time lost, this was a little present for whom make all this real thing, that is u all my bros and sis
Sincerely, {FAB}SiAnt    
Well Rob, I have to think back on how I left WRS and became FAB in an instant

Alright family...here goes..
I played SWAT early this year when I bought the CD from Malaysia. I started to install it, play the quick mission and of course the practice 
When I see that I could join game on the internet, I review the server name and WRS caught my eyes. I joined, played for a few months on that server
and eventually became one of them. From then I know how to play VIP mode.
Here's the exciting part: Knowing WRS server is from France (if I'm not wrong), I review the server names again and Fabreeze_SWAT4 caught my eye!
I entered, read each yellow texts and began to play and make friends with FABs. As time goes by, I keep on coming back to Fabreeze server all because of
Outkast and Nikki; both of them gave me a warm welcome to the server and started to ask me to be one of them. However, I'm still putting on WRS tag at that
point of time. When I realized that the WRS server just too far and my ping won't give way, I decided to talk to WRS admin that I'm leaving the clan.
That point of time I applied and there goes my tag... {FAB}Lily<NB>. Night by night I came to learn the FAB clan rules and understanding their network over the website,
I began to feel comfortable with the family. I am proud to say our clan really talk things out whenever there's any issues in the server and misunderstanding between us.
Everyone respects each other's religion and whatever their name is - except for those names that could lead to distraction and irrelevance. Winking smile emoticon
Nevertheless, I always thought I knew Fabreeze family just yesterday.
From your sis,


My FAB history:

Well, back one or two years ago. I had nothing to do. I would either play or go out to party or I think I may have been in High school still. I would mostly played swat4 and became an expert at it. Joing and dropping from clans due to reasons. I remember playing the FAB server with luke and niki. I remember when this actual clan did not exist, only niki saying "a clan would be nice to have" or something like that. Talking to luke and niki on msn was quite fun. Correct me if I am wrong but I'm pretty sure i was either 5th to join. Now and days I am too busy to hop on daily and you rarely see me, but I used to play almost every day when the clan was just starting to form and grow and before I knew about fab and vip. Mostly I would play BS mode becoming an "expert" sometimes gaining 70-80+ each round per map (on a good day) agaist average players. We have become a large group of gamers, that come from all over the world to know and have one thing, and that is having FUN. I have come to realize from all the clans that I have been in there was always something missing. And that was having fun. Remember this is only a game.  Unlike the others we try to make FAB a warm comfortable place to play and communicate with each in gameplay and when we are not playing. How I joined? Well I only would hop on swat to play in vip mode on FAB server after I found out that there would be a new vip clan As we all know there are only a few USA servers for vip mode. So I played, showing that i have skill, attitude and confidence in joing. Not sure when Niki or someone recruited me but that is how it occured.That's the story of me myself and Fios.
With regards,


Before SWAT:


OK here we go, I’m not new about of games over internet, I will just say that I used BBS,  Gopher and I remember good friends Fido, Archie and Veronica  (if you know what I mean then we are old school dude . I love RPG games (wow good times), but with the passing of the years, my free time for these games was less and less and less (may be in the future when I become  in a retired grandfather, I will go back to these games . So I started for looking new games that requires less time, DOOM (one of my favorite’s games), Quake, and a few others without significance. Then one day September 2004 in the house of my best friend I knew the game Counter Strike Condition Zero (CZ), WOW that was something new for me, a game where only matter the mission, not the score, team work, and one of that mission is the VIP escort :), I was playing around of one year with the Formula team from Hong Kong and another’s from California, but I never joined to them.




After SWAT:


            One day of June or July 2007 I not sure, coworkers mentioned something about a game called SWAT 4 they said it was a great game, so I decided test the game, I started with the missions, ok now I’m ready for the NET :), bad start it was a Barricaded Suspects server, for me no too much different from Quake or Unreal but with arrest. Then I try Rapid Deployment great game (I come from CZ , I was played for around of 4 or 5 months my favorite server TheKoss team (good players), and for VIP mode Electronics Arts. By the way in the TheKoss server I met a player with the nick name TheDeadTerrorist, nothing special, I say hello he say hello, he tell me he is from Argentina, bye bye and that is all, may be DT don’t remember that, but I remember. I’m not sure when was the first time I played in the FAB server but I remember that was a chaos, no mans land, no admin, cheaters, many swear words everywhere and the worst was that the friendly fire was OFF :s, at that time I thought it was a pity, my ping is so good in that server, so only occasionally I played in the FAB server. But I saw with the time as things were changed in FAB server, so I started to play there more often. In those days there were things that I did not agree, but the Clan had something that is more important that anything else, “RULES”, but not only rules, rules for all the players FABs and not FABs, That was the reason why FAB server become in my favorite SWAT server. Then one day I start to talk more with DT and NavySael great guys, excellent players both, and one day NavySael tell me that I should apply to be a FAB, I ask what I have to do?, and I think that Devil provide me the link for the FAB web page. I remember that I talk with DT about of apply for the clan, he encouraged me more :), to do that. Then a few weeks later I become in a FAB. I know that SWAT4 is only a game, but FABREEZE Clan is more of that, FAB bros talk about work, school, sports, Maradona , and I remember as Tornado shared with us his sadness about his grandmother, FAB is friendship, is love, is a family, I’m grateful and happy to be part of this family.




Speaking from the heart his brother Rodolfo / RODO{MX}.


Someday(Don’t remember for sure),August 2006- A friend of mine comes ova to my place with a DVD in his hand, shoutin,” Hey Josh, check out this new game which I got from the DVD store”  FYI, the DVD store was one that dealt with pirated copies of games and pirated movies . The DVD bein a pirated one had 2 games on it, The Godfather and another game with some gunmen. The name on the cover wasn’t that clear. When I inserted the DVD in my PC, it showed two folders and one of ‘em caught my fancy. SWAT was the name of the folder; I hurriedly installed the game on my PC. When I started the game, OMFG, there comes the dreadful screen showing that my PC config doesn’t support playin da game. I was like “What da fuck!” Pissed off at what had happened, I shut down my PC and went off.

Next day, August 2006- First things first, I headed to a computer hardware store and got a 1 gig RAM for my PC. Went home, inserted the RAM and started the game. The game started and I started playin in career mode. Food wall restaurant bein the first map, I had no idea of how to play or how to give orders to my team mates. Finally figured out I had to use the TAB and the space keys. After about 3-4 hours of game play, I was like “Wow, now that was one of the best games I’d played in my recent past”

Years rolled by, I was playin only in career mode. I was bored of the game as I had finished the career mode like 4-5 times. It was only in the winter of 2008, afta about, 2 years afta I got my SWAT game, that I reinstalled it again for some fun. It was at that time that, the play online option caught my fancy. You wouldn’t believe me, but I was one lame fellow who failed to notice the online game play thingy for 2 long years! Clicked the play online tab and there comes a loooong list of servers. VIP escort, Rapid deployment and Co-op were the mode I saw, but Vip escort kinda sounded kewl, so thought of goin for it. I had no idea of which server to go for. It was then that the FAB server caught my attention. It was almost full (15/16 slots filled) so I thought of playin and havin some fun. Assigning the name of Josh, I entered the server and started playin. Bein a complete noob, I was no match for the FAB players! They kicked my arse everytime I stepped outta the spawn..lol. Then I got kicked for the first time, to make room for some FAB player. Omg! Now the server was full. I was getting to have fun in the FAB server when I got kicked. With a heavy heart, I moved on to find another server; LOS was another one that was almost full. But found out the players were mostly Spanish and most of the convos were in Spanish. So I couldn’t continue playin, dropped from the game play.

Days passed by, I started playin regularly on the FAB server. I used to wait for, like an hour to get a slot. One day, I paid a visit to the FAB clan page, it was really kewl! I applied for the clan membership and waited patiently. Then, there was this guy named OutKast ( a.k.a our dear Rob) on the FAB server who used to play wheneva  I used to play on the server. He was really friendly and I started liking him and the other FAB’s . I really wanted to make into the best clan of SWAT and I was bit of impatient. Wheneva I meet OutKast, used to ask him when I would get into the clan. He said I would soon make into it, and he said, he already started likin me, as I communicate well and, communication was the key factor in SWAT. One day, as I was playin on the server, there was a gal named Nikki (the sexy GOA babe) who changed my name all of a sudden to one with the FAB tags! I was sooo happy. Everyone welcomed me into the family. Months have passed by, and I still play on our FAB server with my dear FAB brothers and sisters. Many I time I used to get kicked owin to my high ping! Things have been good so far and a game of SWAT is like a puff of weed for me. The feelin that you get with playin SWAT on the FAB server is really inexplicable. The other day,( the day we had the last war) I was workin for 22 hours straight and was dead tired. But the tiredness was no factor to hinder my SWAT play! FAB clan rocks, and lets get our server back on the first place! Love you all my FAB bros and sisters! Hope we all stay a happy family together!




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